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Korean Beauty Trends

While the fuss is all about eyebrows in the western world, Asians opt for a more natural and healthy look. Beauty trends got  “Asianified” these past years. Japanese beauty products that used to lead in the east have now been dethroned by Korean products. Indeed, shops such as The Body Shop, Biotherm, and Kiehl’s have “Koreanised” their products. The hallyu wave even touched the beauty industry.

Koreans focus on maintaining a smooth and glowy face, trying to look as healthy as possible. Thus, their skin care routine is quite consistent. Many efficient ingredients that are unknown in Europe or America are part of their daily skin care routine. This is what makes k-beauty special.

Here are some basics:

-Face masks: They are sheets soaked in a serum that contains a myriad of benefits.

Let it on your face for a few moments, take it off, massage your face a little and you’re done!

-Sleeping pads:  It is a form of more intensive skincare. You can let the pads rest overnight for a nice complexion.

Our Asian friends tend to add a bit of moisturizer in the pads for an extra glowy look.

You can find many ingredients in these sheets, from basic ones, such as avocado, to more eccentric ones such as snail secretion.

Besides these face masks, Koreans also have some “grandma’ methods” that do the work at a low cost. One of these is rice water cleansing. Next time you cook rice, don’t throw the water you rinsed your rice in! Instead, use it and splash it all over your face. Rice water has moisturizing and antioxidant properties. It also helps circulation and cools off inflamed skin.

Now, let’s focus more on the aspect of their make up.

As I said before, Koreans tend to like it more natural:

They’d use a bright primer along with BB/CC Cream as foundation to make their skin look dewy. Not to leave the work half done, adding up some highlighter and orange or coral blush is a must!

Next, they’d work on their eyebrows to make them look straight for an innocent and youthful appearance.

After that, they’d work on their eyes trying to make them look rounder and fuller. For this, applying highlighter under your lower lash line is required. It will make your eye bags look bigger…Yes, it is considered cute in South Korea. Still on the eyes, the trend is doing a puppy eye, a cousin of the cat eye. The purpose is to make your eyes rounder and clean. To finish the look, some bright colored lipstick (pinkish or orange…) is applied in a very specific way: You have to put some of the lip tint in the center of your lips and blend outwards.

Make up is pretty cheap and its quality is awesome in Kimchi’s homeland!

Here are some famous Korean cosmetic brands in case you want to shop: Clio, Mamonde, Etude House, Innisfree, Missha, Peripera, skinfood, 3CE, Laneige, The Face Shop…

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