Who Is Frank Ocean?

Frank Ocean is the first male artist in the Hip-Hop industry who publicly declared his homosexuality. Back in 2012, after the release of his first album: Channel Orange – which was a blast – Frank, in an open letter, revealed his past feelings for a young man at the age of 19. Surprisingly, the Hip-Hop industry community responded positively to his announcement.

Why is Frank Ocean an icon in the Artistic Industry?

Frank Ocean is unique thanks to his voice being one of a kind and his lyrics being heart touching. But what really makes Frank Ocean stand out is his personality. Being the first bisexual male rapper in such a close-minded world is an important factor, as well as the fact that his two albums were huge successes. Frank made his audience wait for exactly four years before releasing his second album Blond. After the huge success and positive critics of Channel Orange (his first album) nobody believed Frank would wait another four years to release his new album.

Frank’ songs are about the little common things in life that make you reflect, open up and challenge you to answer questions about yourself and your life. Not only does Frank have a vibrant voice, but he also has lyrics full of reflection and wisdom. The biggest lesson this artist can teach us, is to be ourselves. There is no one better than yourself to live your own life.

Listening to Frank Ocean is almost inspiring, and everyone should try to listen to him solo. Life is a journey full of discoveries, experiences and there is no single better time than university to start believing in yourself and live.

Finally, a few words of wisdom from Frank for all the college students that are trying to discover themselves and are being hesitant on how to approach their daily situations:


“Many college students have gone to college and gotten hooked on drugs, marijuana, and alcohol.

Listen, stop trying to be somebody else.

Don’t try to be someone else.

Be yourself and know that that’s good enough.

Don’t try to be someone else.

Don’t try to be like someone else, don’t try to act like someone else, be yourself.

Be secure with yourself. Rely and trust upon your own decisions. On your own beliefs.”


                                                                                    Be yourself, Frank Ocean, Blond album

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