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Comfortably Elegant

Have you ever had to be fashionable for an event and you were annoyed just by the idea of feeling uncomfortable with those hard shoes or the suit pants?

Well if you have felt one of those symptoms before you may need to change a little bit your smart outfit with one (or more) of the suggestions that will follow.

First of all, before I start, I have to say that if what most annoys you is the shirt or the blazer I’m afraid this article won’t help you solve this problem, as these two are the basis of this kind of outfit.

Having said that, let’s begin. First of all, once you assumed that a shirt and a blazer are essential, you have to choose a colour for the blazer: a light one for daytime events and for hot seasons (especially in spring) and a dark one for night-time. For the first one, I would choose a beige (particularly if you’re blonde), light blue or white, is fine as well., for the second one instead, you can have a common black, which must be matched with black trousers/jeans, grey and navy blue. I would obviously recommend have one for each occasion.

Now let’s move to the shirt. Of course you’ll need a white one that is going to suit every outfit except if you’re wearing a white blazer or trousers. Then a light blue shirt is also a must-have as this is perfect for both day and night-time, which can be matched with a beige, white or grey blazer. For shirts I would just recommend these two as you can create enough outfits from them; however if needed you could add a blue one. If possible try to avoid checked or striped shirts, they look either unfashionable or too formal.

The trousers or jeans should be a bit skinny; however please DO NOT wear slim or boot-cut ones for obvious reasons. So for trousers you should have a pair of beige ones, as they are perfect for every daytime event and match with most blazers and shirts, so with those you should be done. I would also have a pair of white pants that look very good with a light blue shirt under a beige blazer. For night-time you must have a pair of dark blue jeans, which fit with a grey or navy blue blazer with a basic white shirt and a pair of black ones for the black blazer, which must always be matched with that nice white shirt.

Now that we have almost completed our outfit, we have to choose a pair of shoes, as the formal ones can have destructive effects on your feet (particularly if you have to dance). For daytime events a pair of white or blue tennis shoes like the ones from Fred Perry are a perfect match if the dress code is informal. In case it wasn’t informal, a pair of navy blue loafers are a must-have, as you can combine many outfits with them. For night-time you can choose between a more formal look with a pair of casual shoes, as the ones from Clarks, or if you have to be more informal you can wear a pair of trainers from Lacoste or even a pair of sneakers from the Air Force collection of Nike, as long as they have very basic colours.

We could finish our outfit here, but you know… the devil is the detail, so to really complete it we should also have a leather, black belt. If you want to be really eye-catching I would choose one from exclusive brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo or Gucci, just saying (you don’t have to go bankrupt to look smart!)… In order to finish I would recommend wearing a watch on the left arm and a leather bracelet, brown for daytime and black for night-time, in the right one.

Here there are all the most relevant suggestions I have to tell you, now it’s up to you to follow them, to improve them or if you already dress like this you’re on the right track.

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