Diet Trends

There is one-year resolution that seems to unite a great part of the population; one goal that everyone tries to reach every year: to lose weight. There are countless types of ways to do so, new diets and healthy habits. The systems seem to be inexhaustible; every year a new trend comes in vogue. Diet trends seem to be the main topic from which celebrities and young women feed off.  When a new diet pops up on the news everyone rushes to try it out and surprisingly, every time, they turn up to be unbelievably miraculous. Like every other year, 2016 has started with a new variety of trends that the masses are dying to try and mimic. Some are the same, while others are freshly new and also seem to be getting more bizzare with time. The most famous fashionable diets of this year include:


Green tea lovers will absolutely love this; it can in fact be described as its heir. More precisely, it’s a ground powder of processed green tea original of Japan. Matcha has in a short time become the “it drink” of all celebrities, young women, and weight lose fanatics because of its fat burning properties. Green tea is now outmoded and Matcha is pushing its way in people’s diets at an incredible speed. It’s said to burn 25% more calories and body fat than normal. Without doubt, it has replaced green tea, but what is more shocking is that coffee lovers are starting to consider saying goodbye to their long-lasting friend and say hi to the new healthy one. The reason for which people are contemplating the idea of making a change is that, while green tea is only a part of the components of the leaves, Matcha takes instead the whole leave to ingest. This makes it three times stronger, which means it contains three times the vitamins, antioxidants and health properties. Green tea was already famous for being a trusted ally in the fight for weight loss but Matcha has raised the level three times more, if green tea was said to be a metabolism booster just imagine what Matcha can do.




Just as we talked before about Matcha a healthy and natural plant, we are now going to turn our attention on its nemesis, probiotics. Probiotics are the “good” and “helpful” kind of bacteria’s that help our body function. Probiotics are nothing new, they are stored in many of our daily foods such as: yogurt, dark chocolate and kefir. Interestingly, probiotics seem to be providing the same health benefits for men but lucking the same weight loss powers. As a result, women are the ones obsessing over them! Probiotics have been around for quite a while, but just this year they have started to be integrated more in every beverage and food that can support them. The modernization of probiotics comes from consuming less of the foods that store them, such as fermented foods (Dan active and frozen kefir), and more from consuming supplements. The most common ones are Lactobacillus and Bifdobacterium.




Nooch is just one kind of nutritional yeast, which is pasteurized and deactivated. Nooch has always been famous in the vegan world, generally used as a substitute of cheese. Nooch is used to top foods such as pasta, pizza and bread. It usually comes in powder form and is sprinkled on plant-based diets to boost nutrition and provide all the necessary proteins and vitamins. It is also seen as a friend for all those who are intolerant to dairy foods and use it as a perfect replacement. However, only recently it has started to gain notice by all those who are not friendly green or deep into the vegan world, because of its good taste and low calories. Indeed, two tablespoons of Nooch only contain 65 calories which on the contrary can’t be said of cheese.


Blue green Algae

Algae have usually been used to boost mood and provide high doses of Vitamine B12. Recently, a new health benefit has been discovered, they are the friends of weight loss. Blue green algae were wrongly used in the past by models as a way to suppress appetite because of its phenalgine content, however, recent studies have showed that they are actually not an effective suppressant. They are now used in the proper and deserved way by every fan of dieting and weight loss. While before they came in capsule form and had to be taken 30-40 minutes before meals to make you feel full and slim your intestine, they now come in powder form and highly iodine concentrated. Usually, mixed with other form of beverages and taken DURING meals and not before, they help clean your body by eliminating toxins. Furthermore, their main action on weight loss comes from the high concentration of iodine which stimulates the thyroid gland (which is respobsible for burning carbohydrates) and aids our metabolism to speed up our weight loss. In conclusion, weight loss helpers can be effective if taken the right away and not overused !




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