Diletta Couture

Clemente Rapone interviewing Diletta Pollice. The birth of Diletta Couture…

Diletta Couture is a newly established fashion brand which aims to provide women with beautiful clothing, tailored to their bodies.

This twenty-year old Italian aspiring designer, born in Italy’s fashion capital, to an architect and a light designer, has created a company which aims to help people feel comfortable and beautiful within their own bodies. Growing up, surrounded by aesthetic beauty and creativeness, she always thrived to create something of her own. Unsatisfied with simply admiring luxury dresses, which were unaffordable to her, she decided to replicate the beauty of contemporary trends in the fashionable elite all over the world, while giving it her own twist. Who wouldn’t want to wear the dress of a Hollywood star without paying an exorbitant amount of money?

At 16 she began to shape the brand.

After some bumps along the road, people around her started to see some potential in her work, encouraging her to pursue her passion.

By creating fitted, handmade dresses for specific occasions, Diletta Couture has become a versatile label, appearing in different styles: ranging from elegant gowns for grand occasions, to mini dresses for parties.

However, there is more to it….

In contrast to most fashion brands, Diletta Couture aims to re-establish the meaning of beauty by proclaiming our bodily diversities as beautiful and something that should be valued, prioritized and costumed for. To put it simply, how many times have you looked at a dress in a magazine with admiration, to then discover it doesn’t fit with your body shape.

Luxury fashion brands present us with beautiful garments, which convey their full splendor by wonderfully contouring the model’s body. The same dress will not necessarily frame all bodies in the same way, due to the overwhelming uniqueness of each woman.

Diletta herself has come to face this reality. Diletta Couture strives to highlight the bodily features which each woman loves the most about herself.

With some imagination, a bit of creativity and some expert help, any woman can feel truly beautiful.


How did you learn to make dresses?

“I just tried. I do know however, that I have not fully grasped the enormity of the tailoring world’s knowledge. I am just trying to teach myself some basic techniques.”


Where does the inspiration come from?

“My inspiration comes from trying to highlight what I like about my body, while taking inspiration from magazines and social media.”


How is the fabric chosen?

“Up until today, I have always chosen fabric with two main criteria in mind; the elasticity, and how the weight of the fabric accompanies the lines of the model’s body.

I think these are very important factors when trying to create a dress, from my mind.

If I imagine a bodycon dress it requires an elastic fabric, whereas if I’m trying to make a bandeau dress I must concentrate on the draping, on how heavy a fabric is.”


Plans for the future?

As soon as I’m able to, I’ll take a real course in cutting and I’ll intern at a big fashion brand to get a grip of the industry that I’m stepping into. After all this, the plan is to invest all my time and money into growing this flower, for which I have only just planted the seeds.

But I guess you wanted to know what are the plans for the future of Diletta: well, definitely continuing to produce and hopefully start an online e-commerce before going big.

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