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Expanding Cultural Horizons

Who are we and what do we want?

We all study at Esade and we all have many different reasons that have helped us make the choice of studying here. Maybe some of you came here because it is a university which has the potential to attract people from outside of Spain. I believe this is one of the main reasons which has brought me to study here for sure! The chance of learning from people of different cultures can only enrich you as a person and teach you to live your life in a healthier and more human friendly way. As individuals that are studying economics which can be defined as the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth it is of extreme importance that we recognize that we all have our own personal interests and necessities and not only this, but also to accept that these interests should not lead a person to violate the true human values and qualities of freedom and respect. Freedom and respect come together and must be practiced and protected by everyone for them to be carried out efficiently. I believe it is important to transmit these qualities to the new generations who will consequently transmit these ideas to the next generation and so on.


We all express ourselves with many different words and in many different ways but somehow there seems to be something which relates to us all. I like to call this type of communication, receptivity. Receptivity is that element of humanity that touches all of us if we are willing to pay attention to our senses and forget about a specific way of thinking. Sometimes it is better to forget about reason as stereotypes are strongly attached to this. We can choose to give priority to this feeling or to pretend like it doesn’t exist, it is up to each and every one of us to make the decision.

The values and qualities of love, respect and open-mindedness

We must communicate as human beings and not by some sort of stereotypical response to the answers of the following questions: “How famous are you?”, “How rich are you?” or even “Where are you from?”. It seems funny to say such a thing, but this is a reality for many. This is a real life situation for many people, which i personally find extremely sad. I find it sad not for the person who is being judged but for the person who judges, as they are limiting their global perspective on life by closing their minds. The world is big and there are many basic questions that we still have not answered like “where do we come from?” or even “Does god really exist?”. There is no absolute answer and this is why we must keep an open mind. One of the keys to keeping an open mind is to let go of our ego.


Technology nowadays plays a very important role in connecting different cultures as we are slowly approaching an interconnected consciousness where everyone can communicate with everyone without having to be in the same place at the same time. It seems that we have managed to reach the first step of telepathy. Some scientists even believe that speaking is a primitive way of communicating and that one day we will all communicate telepathically through technology. The constant transmission of ideas between individuals from different cultures would necessarily lead to increasing adaptability and people understanding one another. We are destined to learn to understand different ways of thinking.

I personally believe that the best thing we can do as students is to expand our consciousness by keeping an open mind and that one of the sub-consequences of doing so is to expand our cultural horizons.

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