[fem-uh-niz-uh-m]; noun; 1) the doctrine of advocating, social, political and all other rights for women equal to those of men. 2) an organized movement from the attainment of such rights for women. 3) older use: feminine character.


Still nowadays, a lot of people see feminism as a woman’s act of rebellion trying to say she is important and should be taken more into account. But why is this seen as an act of rebellion? What is bad about saying women are also important in this world? Feminism is not asking for a better treatment of this gender, but for an equal treatment. And people might think: don’t we already have an equal treatment? We do all vote and we do all go to school! However, this is not true for all countries! Women are not allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia, Brunei or United Arab Emirates. There are also over 25 countries were women are not allowed to go to college, such as Cambodia, Haiti, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ghana, Mali, etc. Knowing all this, where is the equality? Why do men have to have more rights than women? Why do men earn more money for the same job than women do? Why are there, the majority of the time, more men on boards of directors or also parliaments than women? The answer is easy: tradition. Years ago, women were the ones that stayed home, took care of the house and family and the men were the ones who had to earn the money. Men haven’t barely changed their position but women have improved and evolved to realize that doing both things, working and taking care of the family makes them stronger and more independent. Women are strong and able to do the same things any man does, and sometimes even better. That some families were raised some way and taught their daughters how to sew and cook and sent their sons to university, does not mean that a woman cannot work and earn the same amount of money than any man doing that same job. As it does not mean that a man cannot take care of the family and be the one staying at home! Nowadays all men and women should be the ones taking care of the home and working at the same time, as we all are strong enough to do that, which is what feminism is about: all doing the same stuff with the same rights and obligations and earning the same money for it. So, all men and women please stand up and show the entire world that all women are capable to do anything they want and that there is no difference in a working ambiance between a man boss or a woman boss!


She is not incomplete to be made whole by a man and she is not a disgrace to be covered by a man. She is who births one half of society and raises the other.

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