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Gender inequality: Not Just a Women’s Issue

For those who do not know what these two words mean, gender inequality is the process by which people are treated differently under the same circumstances on the basis of gender. With the current political, economic and social events this issue needs more attention than ever.


The day we are born we do not choose our sex. We grow up and everyone around us feels like they have the power to tell us how we should be and how we should behave. We are educated in an environment that is based on the differences between boys and girls. Boys play sports while girls play with their dolls. Boys are taught that they have to be strong while girls are taught that they have to be pretty. These stereotypes are part of our everyday life and we do not realize most of them. This creates various issues among our society like close-mindedness. We are discriminated on the basis of our sex, something we cannot chose and cannot control. We forget that there is a difference between what you are born with and how you feel. This is the difference between sex and gender. Sex describes your biological organs while gender describes the characteristics that society attributes to the sexes.


Our world is constantly changing and we have done a lot of progress, but it is not enough. According to UN Women we will not reach gender equality until 2095. The president of the US has abused women. A deputy of the European Union has declared that women are weaker, smaller and less intelligent and that is why they have to earn less than men. Women are not allowed to make decisions about their own bodies. In Sierra Leone 90% of women suffer genital mutilation and marriage and pregnancy among kids is very common. In Saudi Arabia women cannot walk around the streets without a man. The rates of women being murdered by their male partners is alarming. Every half an hour a woman is raped in India. In Thailand you can buy a sexual slave for just 100 euros. In Russia domestic violence is not penalized. Denmark, Finland and Sweden have the highest rates of gender violence in Europe. In the US 8 out of every 10 girls suffer from sexual abuse at their school, high school or university. In Spain women earn 30% less than men for doing the same job and 3 out of 10 women suffer from gender-based violence. Gender violence is the main cause of death among women between the age of 15 and 44 all around the world.


Men are constantly reminded that they have to hide their feelings. Little boys are told not to cry and suppress their fear. They are taught that being a man means having power over someone and being extremely successful. This only sets them up for failure. When men lack a healthy way to express their feelings it often turns inward in the form of depression or suicide. In the UK suicide is the main cause of death among men between the age of 20 and 34. When men’s emotions turn outwards it is often deadly so they are more likely to commit acts of violence.


Gender equality is good for everyone because it affects everyone. It is a liberation movement for all genders. We have to fight to break the stereotypes and social norms that are still present today. It is about giving people a voice and choice. Not until we achieve it, will we be free and equal.

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