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How to travel for cheap

Everyone wants to travel right?…I mean, I could do that all the time!

Travelling from place to place is wonderful but can be very pricey… Not anymore though!

Here are some ways for you to travel for cheap!

First of all plan your trip ahead of time, don’t leave everything for the last minute. My recommendation would be to make a list of what you need in order to travel at that specific place and what you’ll do once you are there. It will help you make an approximate budget (including accommodation fees, transportation, food, entertainment).


After having this all figured out, book your flight and housing! The sooner the cheaper. The best would be to travel during low seasons to minimize the price of the flight. Otherwise, low-cost carriers are good enough (eg: Ryanair, Vueling).  You should know that Ryanair flight tickets are cheapest on Thursday nights. (You’ll thank me for that later). Moreover, you can download the application « Hopper » that will tell you when prices for a destination are most likely to be the lowest. If you can’t find anything that is in your budget, you can try carpooling and buses that are also nice alternatives for small distance journeys (Blabla car, Flixbus). Also, use websites that will help you find the cheapest options by comparing the prices of all the available flights (check out skyscanner, liligo, edream, kayak). For some cheap housing options, we have guest houses, home swap, youth hostels, airbnb (You can sometimes get promotional offers from members or by inviting friends to sign up).


You can also take the option to work at the place you’re visiting. It will help you make your trip cost less, help you immerse and learn a lot more about the culture.

Look up for some part-time jobs or for some internships in advance.

If you don’t want to work you can sign up for an amazing experience and volunteer abroad (Check out IVHQ)


While you’re there you should eat like a local. It will cost you less (since places for tourists are relatively more expensive) and you can even get better quality food.

Check out the following restaurant discovery apps: Foodspotting, Urbanspoon, OpenTable, Yelp, Google Places.


Using apps such as travel guides and maps can be very handy when you don’t know the city.  You can eventually use Citymapper, Livetrekker, Timeout.



In addition, do not forget to check the currency and the rates on the Internet to secure yourself the best deal. (Go to XE Currency for instance).


To save money, you can choose to go to a country that doesn’t require any visa or where life is relatively cheap.

Morocco is a great destination that won’t cost you much. Good Moroccan food is cheap, exotic landscapes are for free, cute souvenirs are for a few dirhams and housing can be relatively cheaper than housing in Europe (Pretty nice riads and hotels in Marrakech for no outrageous prices).

Check out if you’re looking for some affordable weekends to spend in Morocco!

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