Ready for red?

Eunoia – From the Greek εὔνοια; “Beautiful thinking”.

A storytelling initiative focused on empowering, reinventing and redefining the way to share others’ stories.


The cheerful smile of the bus driver. The girl looking out through the window curiously. The small kid making funny faces. The man sitting next to you on the flight you took yesterday. All those who walk by your side on the packed street…


You may not see it or even feel it. All those moments and experiences are connected. All these people are related to you through a thin, but also powerful, red thread which surrounds us everywhere, every day.

And we know the idea might seem absurd and we don’t blame you.


But keep reading, we will not deceive you.


This red thread, that connects us, helps us and guides us to the unexpected but exact place where we want to reach and meet those we intend to, is the one that has silently brought you here, the one that has made you stop flipping through the pages of this magazine and made your fingers stay on this page.  The one, which now, connects you with us, Eunoia.


Eunoia is magic, heart and brain. Three basic elements which define its essence. Three enthusiastic souls who made it real.


The Magic, our capacity to understand and perform ideas creatively, passionately and courageously. The heart, the piece which connects each project with values, with people’s feelings and emotions. The brain, the one who knows perfectly and wisely the way to get the message across people.


We are a passionate team, we want to learn from each other and untiringly develop ourselves,  our desire is to be able to confront all the challenges we might undertake. And that’s why we decided to take the plunge, to overcome and reinvent ourselves by means of love, creativity and passion. The step forward finally became the beginning of something big, something meaningful.


But, what are we aiming for?


People who want to share, to demonstrate and to teach others from their own stories and personal experiences. We adapt each story to the needs of the one who relates to it, reflecting it in the form of visual aids, the creation of events or even marketing campaigns (amongst others).


But Eunoia is not only work but also vocation. Therefore, we aim to make people’s stories part of ours, by being part of them, by understanding and living them. Since it has become something meaningful and with purpose, it has also become part of our lives, part of us. The steps that we take forward might not be the most accurate ones, but as we face them, we learn and improve ourselves.


We know that our possibilities are limitless and we want to exploit them.


From how the idea became real up to how people get involved every day, Eunoia is something captivating. As we are young and creative, our approach to working techniques is different and, therefore, we radiate positive energy to the ones who work with us and are willing to share their stories with us.


Because every perspective is important, we try to develop new ideas and new scopes to be able to reinvent ourselves .


Currently, we are working on projects which involve many different kind of products and goals, as we are innovative, we do not narrow down our options to any specific market. We want to face challenges to be able to overcome and experience all sorts of adventures.


ILUSIÓN+ is one of them. It is a social project whose main objective is to give voice to people affected by neurodegenerative diseases such as ELA (feel free to have a look at their website

Between several collaborations we are handling now, we are also carrying out the organization of a wedding taking part in September 2017.


Eunoia has risen with hope and illusion. We see the future as a new opportunity to keep moving forward and spreading our notion of the red thread and the idea that everyone and everything is connected. We are aware, in any case, that the path is not going to be easy as the course of ideas changes. But from now on, we’ll doubtlessly keep moving forward.


Do not underestimate the power of the red thread, as maybe it’s time for you to find your story and now, think about it again.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence any more, maybe it’s not just as simple as it sounds. Maybe, the red threat is behind everything, behind all these words.

Let’s turn all those maybes into what may be your story, our story.

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