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Recycling your clothes and creating your own style

The struggle is real: finding your own personal style can be sometimes difficult and a lack of imagination can be an everyday headache. Even if our closets are filled with so many items, we’re always wondering what to do with them, but actually your source of inspiration is right in front of you: so open your closet and mind and let’s start !

Never abandon your clothes (except if it’s non-recoverable)

Faded jeans? pieces that went out of style? NEVER throw anything away, here are some tips that you can use to bring your favorite jean/pant back to life:

We all have a pile of old jeans sitting in our closets. It is really simple to rectify this situation. When your jeans are losing their original color, just take them to the dry cleaner and ask them to dye them again. Advice: You have to dye them in their original color, never try to dye them another color.

Another way to recycle your jeans/pants is to turn them into shorts. After trying one of these two options, try to personalize your new article (by using studs, ripping them, etc.).

Eventually, you can do this with everything, shirts, skirts, (go on YouTube or Pinterest for some inspiration).

 Pimp up your look with accessories

Accessories are used to upgrade an outfit, but let’s be honest we all own the same things. So here are some ways to pimp up your look in a particular way.

Chokers were a 90’s must have but this last year they found their way back to our closets. If you love to wear them but want to be unique at the same time, try to create your own personalized choker. The first option you have is to buy a classic choker and attach a pendant to it (try to put something personal, I usually hang symbols reflecting my country). The second option is to make your own from scratch.

You can use this tip to revamp any jewelry piece.

Earrings: If you lose an earring don’t stop wearing the other one. Even if it seems really strange, wearing one single earing is really trendy and an increasing number of celebrities and brands are endorsing this: Emma Watson, Loewe, Isabel Marrant…

Sneakers: A simple way to give a second chance to your shoes is to change your shoelaces. You can play with the sizes and colors: mix different color patterns, you can also choose big ones in order to create a sizable bow. Or just use some original pins and plug it into your old ones.

Pins/Patchwork: If you want to have a really cool jacket/bag/t-shirt…., you can personalize it with pins. You can find really stylish and cheap ones at Stradivarius.

Another way to do this is through the “patchwork” technique: you can glue on (or even sew, if you are an expert) all the fabrics and items you like in a messy way.

Trends this season ? Suede, lace and pearls.


 One item ? Different options !


The final advice I can give you is that you can use a single item in different ways. For example, you can use a scarf as a bow and attach it to your jean or use it as a hair accessory. You can also use the ribbon of your dress as a pussycat bow for your shirt or as a tie for your neck.

All of the examples mentioned above are just here to give you some ideas, remember what’s really important : your personality. So  always trust your instinct, be authentic, be confident, and express yourself through fashion !

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