Silk Road Fashion

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Adriana Crovetto and I am a twenty-one-year-old girl with Italian and Russian origins but I was raised in Lugano (Switzerland).  In June of 2014, I obtained my Cantonal Diploma at my local public High School, after which I attended the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, where I enrolled in the Faculty of Materials, Science & Engineering. Despite the fact that my studies have been in the field of science, I have found that there can be many different roads to success and satisfaction. You mustn’t ever be afraid to embark on something new. Today, fashion is no longer a pastime for me, but it is a source of motivation, and being the manager of my own brand is no longer a “school desk fantasy” but it is a reality from which I am learning as a young businesswoman.

Last April, I took a trip to Uzbekistan and I fell in love with the colorful traditional fabrics of Fergana Valley, which borders Afghanistan. I thus decided to create a new brand, design my own outfits and launch myself into the colorful trends of the spring/summer season in Ticino (my canton). The fabrics I use are a mix of silk and cotton, and they undergo special processes with natural dyes and traditional looms. Because of this, they are very original in their designs and their range of lively colours, which are chosen by me with special attention to adapt to European taste. Subsequently, the products are entirely hand-sewn by a team of native women who I personally direct and who strive to make each piece unique.

After encountering some success in Lugano, I showed up at the Geneva lakeside stands during the famous Fête de Genève, which, this year, has attracted tourists from all around the world. On that occasion I was struck by how both tourists and locals, were open to something new, and how they were pleasantly interested not only in my products, but in the entire project. Probably, the strong point of my project was giving not only a commercial value but also an emotional value to each of my coats. I also presented my brand in Milan on the 29th of September in line with the Fashion Week at the ancient Oratory of St. Ambrose, a unique and exciting event that breathed the air of Central Asia and listened to the call of the ancient Silk Road.

– What was your relationship with fashion before all of this? I had no serious relationship with fashion, but I was always attentive to aesthetics.

– What is your role in the company? I’m the founder & the manager (Yes, I did this all alone, but I have an Uzbek friend that helped me find contacts in Uzbekistan). I also design the outfits, choose colours and fabrics in Uzbekistan and organize the three girls that hand-sew the pieces for me.

– What kind of products do you produce? I produce coats, jackets, vests and bags.

– What is your motto? “Translating yesterday’s tradition to today’s glamour”.

– What can you tell us about your participation in Milan Fashion Week? Milan is going to be amazing. To create a brand from scratch, in time with the fashion week, is a great experience for me and a perfect occasion to spread the word about my brand.

– What are your future plans for the company? I want to spread my project here in Barcelona and I hope to find the right partners at ESADE, because this project is rapidly expanding, so I need some help.

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