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The Beauty of the Absurd

Ballet dancing is something unnatural. The feet have to enter hard and narrow shoes, the ballerinas must stand on tiptoe for long, they must balance, walk as a French gentleman in the seventeenth century and finally position themselves in uncomfortable poses. Although while dancing ballet you have to suffer and put it in effort and feel the pain, in the end it’s wonderful.

Ballet has the beauty of making the difficult look easy. You forget the effort and the painstaking rehearsals when you do one perfect pirouette or when you literally fly in a porté or when your body feels the music and everything flows.

I practice ballet. I started late and I don’t practice regularly so I can’t say I’m a professional dancer but it is my favorite exercise because it summarizes many of the values that I have inculcated today: hard work and strength. I also love watching professional dancers enjoy what they are doing. I see ballet as a physical exercise and as an exercise for the spirit because rehearsing ballet is tough, it requires effort and a burning desire to excel. Ballet means elegance and it is an artistic expression. Whenever a ballerina comes to Barcelona, I try to take time out to go see it, it’s breathtaking because of its beauty.

I envy people living in countries that consider ballet a cultural event of the first order. Many countries support their ballerinas that travel around the world performing and displaying ballet as a part of their culture. Unfortunately, that does not happen in Spain. The Gran Teatre del Liceu provided a perfect stage for ballet; however they don’t have one now. Angel Corella, the first American ballet dancer in the world founded a ballet in Barcelona, ​​but it could not be maintained and had to close down. Sometimes I dream that someday I’ll be able to convince companies and the local government to promote ballet in Barcelona. I refuse to accept the fact that the only “cultural” manifestation representing our city is football.

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