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Unheard Albums of 2016

Oyabun EP & Fort Bellefleur by Folamour

The French DJ & Producer started 2016 with Oyabun EP produced by his label Moonrise Hill Material. The EP includes four mind-blowing tracks, all unique to one another. Folamour is known for his elaborate and melodic tunes, and Oyabun EP serves as a perfect demonstration for that. Later that year, he released Fort Bellefleur five loose and toasty tracks. He proved to us that he masters the art of live instrumentation, choice samples and swinging deep house beats. You’ll notice it all by listening to ‘You Never Told Me I’ll Miss U That Much’ with some amazing guitar parts and hazy chords.

Personal favourites: Novalaise, La Pierre Et Le Sabre, Just A Lonely Night Eating Sushis, Lampadaire.

Tao Te Ching EP by Skibs

Skibs surprised us in December with a new and innovative EP, Tao Te Ching. The rapper was born in NY and raised in Hong Kong, which explains his wide musical influences. Though the EP was recorded in the Queens concrete jungle, we can notice some Asian influences and features. Tao Te Ching is an ancient Chinese spiritual book written by Laozi. All of the songs on the EP are entitled to a quote from Tao Te Ching. The songs tell stories and simultaneously take you on a spiritual, inward journey towards your thoughts. Only available on Soundcloud.

Personal favourites: A Man With Outward Courage Dares To Die, To Understand The Limitation of Things

Malibu by Anderson Paak

In mid April Anderson Paak presented us Malibu, an album full of deep and soulful music with a wide variety of styles. He leapfrogs three eras in a festive suite of songs, 60s soul with Put Me Thru; club grooves in Am I Wrong; and 90s hip- hop in Without You. His musical and emotional generosity ties up everything together, making Malibu an expansive opus that flows in multiple directions like a classic 70s double album. He is part of the line up of Sónar 2017.

Personal favourites: Heart Don’t Stand A Chance, Put Me Thru, Come Down

Light Upon The Lake by Whitney

Little by little Whitney is creating its own enchanting universe with its warm and melodic compositions. To give you an idea of what kind of music this band makes imagine a fuzzy soft folk-rock with some 70s influence. A round bass, some subtle chords and brass arrangements, a high pitch voice and a tilt of soul makes Light Upon The Lake the perfect CD to listen to on a faded Sunday afternoon.

Personal favourites: No woman, Polly, Golden Days, Light Upon The Lake

Second To None by Al Zanders

Second To None, the third EP of the British producer is a pure gift to house music. However, only two tracks are available on free download (A Story of.., and Second to none) while the rest is available on Redeyerecord’s web page for nine euros, but they are totally worth it. Zanders still offered a couple of singles throughout the year, and somehow managed to put a little bit of gold in everything he made. Sample various and diverse sounds, mixed with beautiful melodic chords, with a few jam/improvised parts over some light percussions and you got a Zander’s track, of course he has that special touch which makes him so special…

Personal favourites: Dexter’s Morning, Raíz, Ripley’s Voyage

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