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Watches: A timeless piece

If you ever wondered which accessory to wear but you couldn’t decide whether to buy a bracelet, a ring, a watch, a pair of cufflinks or a necklace you should always choose watch first. Why? Because watches represent the obsession of the human being to control the unstoppable marching of time and not only reflects the result of a personal choice but also a story to tell, especially when it is a vintage watch. Everybody chooses a wrist jewel that best suits their personality and is not a random choice.


Having said that, before we start, I must say that we are going to have a look only at high- end watch brands. They will come with a brief description of the type of person that wears it, in order to make it easier for you to find your perfect piece.


The first brand that you think about when talking about luxury watches is probably Rolex, created for men and women who know they can do no wrong with a watch from this legendary brand. When you’ve achieved something in life, then you can reward yourself with something expensive. People who wear this watch want a watch that looks as good with their suit as with their swimsuit on the beach.


Then there is Patek Philippe, for those who drive a big Mercedes and an old Jaguar and have been an avid newspaper reader since they were 16 and now earn a ridiculous salary from a very serious profession. In order to satisfy their perfectionism, they are very disciplined in their routine and expect the same high standard from those around them.


Let’s focus now on an Italian brand: Panerai, perfect for the ones that are former hipsters who probably mastered the best skateboard tricks and now escape from their jobs in an advertisement agency to the world’s most buzzing urban scenes on the weekends.


For pilots, I suggest a Breitling watch. Its wearer understands good business and started early with it. During his school years, he was already selling printed T-shirts and several hard-to-find products. Shortly thereafter he/she progressed to a modest company: used cars with lots of horsepower, mobile phones or opening a small gym. He has a very dominant personality.


The veritable watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre send a message from the wrists of the last gentlemen who honors tradition and technical perfection. These educated wearers maintain a distinct style that is distinguished by attention to quality. That’s why they very consciously choose this watch. The classic elements of these watches are particularly appealing because they can be worn again and again.


If you were looking for a more sportive watch you will absolutely fall in love with Hublot.
Normally those who wear it, are dressed in polo shirts bearing conspicuous brand names as La Martina and similar brands. Opulent belts from Louis Vuitton girdle the waistlines of these relaxed men of independent means, and the long, thin hair gives these human billboards the final touch. But watch out: there’s a young generation of these guys, too. You’ll recognize them by their presumptuous grins, tattoos on their muscular arms, and their penchant for lively champagne parties.


Lastly, we will have a look at a watch for the ones who love to have that feeling of adrenaline going through their veins. Fans of Tag Heuer overcome their limits. Even if it’s just a stroll through the neighbors’ garden to get to their own HD TV. With hooded shirts and a cap bearing the TAG Heuer logo, these price-conscious watch wearers enjoy observing car racing and space expeditions on pay-per-view and don’t need much else.


We could go on with this list for a while with other notorious brands, but I want you to discover for yourself the rest of this amazing, luxurious world.


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