Must-watch TV Shows

In 2008, more than 300 TV shows premiered in the United States only. This figure only represents those that are released, but there are many more that did not go through production or even the development phase. Here is a selection of some of the best TV series that are worth binging in your free time.

Three students have received a scholarship to study in a prestigious Spanish school called Las Encinas. They are going to have to mix with the youth of the Spanish society’s upper class. This clash of different realities will end up causing the death of a student. Elite is a teen thriller is full of sex, drugs, class anxiety and blackmailing. It has an agile narration with cliffhangers that won’t make you want to stop watching it.

Big Little lies
Everything is not what it seems in Monterey, an idyllic seaside town where relationships get thickened by rivalries, secrets, deceptions and a murder investigation which is combined with the antics that led to the murder. Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley star this mystery/drama HBO TV show.

True detective
This crime drama television series has each season structured as a self-contained narrative where detectives try to pursue serial killers. It has been nominated and consequently has won several awards due to the high quality of its acting, writing, cinematography and direction. A third season of this drama is scheduled to premiere in January 2019.

Cable Girls aka. Las chicas del cable
Cable Girls is the first Spanish Netflix Original TV show. This series chronicles the changes in the lives of four women who work in a telecommunications company that operates in Madrid in 1928. Each of them has to fight to achieve their goals, which all have something in common: to fight for their freedom and women’s basic rights. Along the series they will fall in love, hide secrets and some of them will also be involved in a murder investigation.

David Budd, a Police Sergeant suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after retiring from the British Army, now works as a Specialist Protection Officer. After avoiding a terrorist attack in a train, he is in charge of the protection of the Home Secretary, Julia Montague, who has very ambitious plans and stands for everything he dislikes. She is a supporter of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and wants to reduce civil liberties in an attempt to avoid terrorist attacks in British territory.

Shameless is an American dark dramedy (drama + comedy) television series which tells the story of the Gallagher family: a dysfunctional family composed of a single father with six children. Frank Gallagher, the father, spends his days drunk in search of misadventures while his children learn to take care of themselves in the South Side of Chicago. Throughout its 9 seasons, it’s worth watching how this family learns from their mistakes.

Homeland is a spy thriller starred by Carrie Mathison, a CIA agent who believes that an American prisoner of war Marine who has returned home, has been converted into an Al-Qaeda terrorist and poses a threat to the United States. The storyline evolves from this premise into a total of eight seasons.

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