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The Temple of Vinyl

Tvinyl (or The Temple of Vinyl) is a record store specialized in electronic music, opened by the famous Jerome Dessoliers in 2016. The story behind the shop starts in Paris in 1989, when Jerome started his DJing career. His love for music and records grew and grew, to the point where it became his actual profession. He had the opportunity to live through the early French hip-hop scene, the growing rave culture as well as the infamous French touch movement. Throughout these years, he had the opportunity to mix next to renowned DJs such as Apolonia, Demuja, among others. His knowledge of music naturally grew while he followed this path, to the point that he was given the opportunity to work for, one of the most important record distributions worldwide. After several years of working in their headquarters in Bavaria, Jerome got tired of working in offices and decided it was time to open his own record shop. Barcelona was the ideal location given his Catalan backgrounds and the already existing electronic music scene.
His first stop was at Discos Edison’s (an already existing record shop in Raval) where he opened his Tvinyl corner inside. As business was going well and he felt that this small space was restraining him from growing, Jerome decided it was time for a change. In June 2018, Tvinyl was officially moved to Qasbart (Carrer Valldonzella, 25), an already existing clothes shop also in Raval, where Jerome is currently sharing the space for his record shop.
At Tvinyl, you will find a wide selection of house, techno, minimal, tech-house and lo-fi records, with most of them coming from European distributions such as Decks, Deejay, Juno and Prime. However, the shop also offers a certain amount of records that come directly from local Catalan producers and labels, who sell their records directly to Jerome. This is what gives Tvinyl its uniqueness, a discography that ranges from famous repressed records, to upcoming European artists and small unknown local producers. Jerome’s work has been noticed by several people, giving him the opportunity to be in direct contact with artists such as Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers and Sub-Ann in order to sell records to them directly.
Throughout the years, Jerome tried to differentiate his shop from other record stores by offering a tailored approach to each customer. “Making sure the client feels like he’s at home in the shop is part of our highlighted features”, says Jerome, “With this approach, you are sure every customer will be satisfied with their visit, recommend the shop to their friends, follow you on social media and so on”. Indeed, the moment you enter the shop, it seems like you’ve landed on a different planet where only music matters; and where you’ll know your needs will be satisfied.
Jerome takes pride in the success of his approach, as he believes this is how he gained his notoriety in Barcelona, and worldwide. Jerome has a numbers of plans in mind for the future. First of all, he is currently working on opening the Tvinyl distribution website, where he will be able to reach all the international clients he has met throughout the years. The next step will be to open franchises in different cities around Europe (the first one opening in 2019 in Belgium), and later on in other continents. The final goal Jerome wishes to achieve is to open his very own label, where he will be able to produce artists for whom he has a lot of faith in.
All in all, Jerome is just another music lover who decided to dedicate his whole life to it. During his lifetime, he has managed to share his passion through many different platforms and his only goal is to continue in this trajectory, reaching more and more people with his own ideology of music.

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