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Tokyo Street Fashion

Tokyo street fashion is a world renowned social phenomenon which is constantly evolving and  has been recorded and studied extensively. On the one hand, it houses some of the most outrageous subcultures in the world, which are most prominent in the neighbourhood of Harajuku. On the other hand, a stroll down Shibuya will reveal a

Sustainability: The future of the fashion industry

Nowadays, the word “sustainability” has become the talk of the town. In fact, as climate change awareness has been on the rise, the topic has been acquiring global attention and now carries political implications. From local governments to the United Nations, the consensus is that our planet is at a very high risk. Indeed, this

Why Green Juice has become more than just a trend

What if I told you I had found the absolute remedy to all of your problems? Do you often feel sick during the winter or have lots of allergies? Do you know someone suffering from a leaky gut, a heart disease, cancer, depression or Alzheimer? What if I told you the answer is as simple

Guide of Moscow

Moscow, the political, economic and cultural capital of the immense and powerful country of Russia, was always known for the diversity of its population and the wealth of its culture. Today more than ever, the cultural activities are expanding with new forms of art and entertainment. It is an exiting time to visit this city

Key places to visit in Mallorca

The City of Palma Palma is the capital of the Balearic Islands, and “the best place to live in the world” according to The Times. A walk along the waterfront walls of the city is sure to provide some awe-inspiring views of the sea and the Cathedral, which is a must see both on the

Gender inequality: Not Just a Women’s Issue

For those who do not know what these two words mean, gender inequality is the process by which people are treated differently under the same circumstances on the basis of gender. With the current political, economic and social events this issue needs more attention than ever.   The day we are born we do not

For the love of skiing

Le Grand Bornand – A real skiers paradise L’haute Savoie is an area in the French alps, a one hour drive from Geneva. It holds several of the world’s greatest ski resorts including Le Grand Bornand, La Clusaz, Manigod, and leads up to the ultimate skiers mecca- Chamonix. My family and I have spent nearly

Volunteering in Peru

Last summer (August 2016), I spent two weeks volunteering in Lima, Peru.  This is an experience that I would recommend to all of you for many reasons which I will develop in this article. First of all, volunteering is an unforgettable human experience that will definitely change you and the way you think. You will

Evolving our Approach of Perceiving Nature

Nature does not need us to survive but, we do need nature. We cannot be ourselves without this planet yet we take it for granted, like many other things in our lives.   On one hand, what all species have in common is that they must adapt to be able to survive. On the other

Casual bites around Barcelona

Whether you’re looking for a place to go before going out or a casual bite while hanging around Barcelona, these places are a must!   Bar Tomás: The patatas bravas here are a classic amongst the locals. Very  informal but fresh irregularly cut potatoes, fried and served with their allioli and their picante oil. Located