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Hajdi’s Face Masks

Homemade remedies have been proven to be the most effective and cheapest methods of helping you to get the best dewy natural skin without having to spend the money on overly priced products. Here are the best and most effective “do-it-yourself” hacks that will help you achieve the best skin. Most of these ingredients will

Instagram: The gold mine of luxury firms

  Nowadays, social networks have become a crucial part of many of us. Sometimes we don’t even notice this but as soon as we open our laptops to access the web, we sub-consciously open our favourite social network website just to check the updates we have received. Indeed, we are often exposed to our friends’


[fem-uh-niz-uh-m]; noun; 1) the doctrine of advocating, social, political and all other rights for women equal to those of men. 2) an organized movement from the attainment of such rights for women. 3) older use: feminine character.   Still nowadays, a lot of people see feminism as a woman’s act of rebellion trying to say

Comfortably Elegant

Have you ever had to be fashionable for an event and you were annoyed just by the idea of feeling uncomfortable with those hard shoes or the suit pants? Well if you have felt one of those symptoms before you may need to change a little bit your smart outfit with one (or more) of

5 Benefits of being a Morning Person

« The time just before dawn contains the most energy of all hours of the day. This has helped me become an early riser and an early doer…. When I wake to see that the light is out already, I feel the world has started without me.” Terri Guillemets Many people undermine the satisfaction and

Top Trendy Restaurants/Bars in Barcelona

Soho House Barcelona: Founded in London in 1995 as a private members’ club for people in the creative industries, Soho House is now opening in Barcelona. The house will be available for its members to have an exclusive space for eating, drinking and meeting. It will contain a screening room, gym and rooftop pool. The

Unveiling the Hijab

(Obviously everyone should have the freedom to practice any religion or lack thereof and wear whatever they please but that’s not really what this article is about) As Muslim communities grow faster and faster in Europe so does the number of European-born Muslims, a collective of young people who, dissatisfied with the current situation, have

The top 5 exercises you need to do in the gym

 The Magic of compound movements No matter what your fitness level is, if you are advanced, professional or a beginner, these exercises will get you closer to your goals! These exercises have proven their effectiveness throughout the years. They were staples 50 years ago, when Arnold built his physique at Gold’s Gym in the sixties,

The Power of Meditation

When we think of meditation what usually comes to mind is stillness and calmness. Busy as students are, it’s barely possible to find time to reload our minds. But, being busy is just an excuse. We are afraid to stop our minds because the modern world teaches us that such breaks lead to nothing but

Silk Road Fashion

Let me introduce myself: My name is Adriana Crovetto and I am a twenty-one-year-old girl with Italian and Russian origins but I was raised in Lugano (Switzerland).  In June of 2014, I obtained my Cantonal Diploma at my local public High School, after which I attended the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, where I