Tora are an Australian electronic band formed in Byron Bay in May 2013. The founding members are Thorne Davis on drums; Shaun Johnston on bass guitar; Jo Loewenthal on lead vocals, guitar, and samples; Jai Piccone on vocals and guitar; and Tobias Tunis-Plant on vocals and synthesiser. Aside from electronica they perform in the new-age genre, chillwave. They have undertaken Australian and international tours. Their tracks have received high rotation on national radio station, Triple J’s playlist.

Transpose: Could you describe the moment when you realized that you wanted to be in a band.

Tora: A few of us were in a band together before Tora. I remember we were in high school and there was a ‘Battle of the bands’ coming up, so we decided we would get a band together so we could perform there.

Transpose: What was your favorite moment of your European tour?

Tora: There’s so many moments it’s impossible to name a ‘favorite’, but Best Kept Secret festival in Holland was definitely a high moment.

Transpose: If you could describe your music in a word what would it be?

Tora: Chillwave

Transpose: Top 3 favorite songs of the moment.

Tora:  James Blake – Put that away and talk to me
James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire feat. Bon Iver
Ry X – Deliverance

Transpose: What are your favorite hobbies besides making music?

Tora: Surfing, art, tennis, listening to music, photography, partying, relaxing at the beach.

Transpose: If you could tour anywhere in the world where would it be?

Tora: Already been to a lot of the places we wanted to go, but next on the list would be Japan.

Transpose: What was the best tip that a teacher ever gave you?

Tora: Follow your heart.

Transpose: Your favorite song (from your songs) and its meaning to you.

Tora: My personal favorite Tora song would have to be Jaigantic. To me it’s a song about how it feels after a break up, when you still love someone but need to move on.

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