4 weeks, 4 attitudes

It may be in history that fashion started up as a necessity, but it has grown into an art form. A live form of art. It moves, revealing every human being’s past, hobbies and tastes. In fact, each artist captures into a human canvas their own understanding of reality. Indeed, during the different fashion weeks

8 reasons to start practicing yoga.

For 8 years I have been practicing yoga. My practice started just before yoga became a mainstream path for people all around the world. As a 10-year-old child I did not really understand all the meaning and philosophy that stands behind a weird name of a “sport” with even more weird “exercises” in it. However,

Avocado- The world’s healthiest food.

Avocado is a rather unique type of food. While most fruits primarily consist of carbohydrate, avocado is high on healthy natural fats. It contains up to 58 % fat (natural fat, low in saturated fats), 34 % carbohydrate and 8 % protein. It provides the body vitamin B6, which helps in the synthesis of neurotransmitters,

Discover Sathya by Nil… The latest brand for bespoke accessories…

Sathya By Nil is the latest start-up by Nil Chugani, a first year international BBA student in ESADE Business School. This brand was born in  summer (2015) and specializes in bespoke accessories for men such as pocket squares, ties, etc. The concept of this upcoming brand is focused on exotic Indian prints such as the

Where to brunch in Barcelona?

The Benedict, in Barrio Gotic is very British in their menu as well as in their deco. They have a good variety of options and special vegan beans and sausage dishes. They also have eggs, waffles and pancakes. Brunch is from Thursday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays. Calle Gignás, 23 Phone: 93 250 75 11 Brunch

Cause it’s all about that bass.

I know, it’s pretty clear, we ain’t all size two, but we can shake it, like we’re supposed to do, cause there ain’t no stereotype, no perfect body just a widely held but fixed image of a particular type of women. Society creates what we define as beautiful women, but it’s not what physically is