Who Is Frank Ocean?

Frank Ocean is the first male artist in the Hip-Hop industry who publicly declared his homosexuality. Back in 2012, after the release of his first album: Channel Orange – which was a blast – Frank, in an open letter, revealed his past feelings for a young man at the age of 19. Surprisingly, the Hip-Hop

Burning Man

Burning Man could be defined in many possible ways. There can be as many descriptions as participants of this unique gathering celebrated annually since 1986 when Larry Harvey and a group of friends lit the very first Burning Man on Baker Beach, San Francisco. Since 2014 there have been more than 70.000 participants at Burning

Italian holidays, three places you must visit

  Portofino, one of the eight wonders of the world, lies in the Italian Riviera. This little fishing village became famous in the 60s, when actors, pop stars and aristocrats visited frequently to attend the exclusive parties and marvel at the breathtaking views. To this day many of the most fashionable stylists have villas in

Creating Happiness In A Magical Way

Mickey, Minnie, Donald…do these names say something to you? Do you know them? Are they part of your childhood? For me they represent a great collection of memories. They are not only Disneyland characters, but also friends. You are probably thinking I’m foolish? But I’m not. This summer I worked in Disneyland Paris, and I

Korean Beauty Trends

While the fuss is all about eyebrows in the western world, Asians opt for a more natural and healthy look. Beauty trends got  “Asianified” these past years. Japanese beauty products that used to lead in the east have now been dethroned by Korean products. Indeed, shops such as The Body Shop, Biotherm, and Kiehl’s have

Blending cultures in San Francisco

In the heart of northern California, amidst the cool, foggy summers is San Francisco, home to a diverse population of Silicon Valley techies, hippies, fashion gurus, artists and many, many more. Of course, San Francisco, otherwise known as “The City” by locals, is notorious for the infamous Golden Gate Bridge and the cable cars that