Previously owned, currently used

Vintage clothing: a simple way to reduce, reuse and recycle When we go shopping, we do not tend to think about who is behind the production of the clothes we buy and perhaps, it is time we started wondering whether employees have been exploited to make the goods which are now in our hands. Because

The Temple of Vinyl

Tvinyl (or The Temple of Vinyl) is a record store specialized in electronic music, opened by the famous Jerome Dessoliers in 2016. The story behind the shop starts in Paris in 1989, when Jerome started his DJing career. His love for music and records grew and grew, to the point where it became his actual

Must-watch TV Shows

In 2008, more than 300 TV shows premiered in the United States only. This figure only represents those that are released, but there are many more that did not go through production or even the development phase. Here is a selection of some of the best TV series that are worth binging in your free

Thrift Shops: the evolution to popularity

In this day and age, vintage clothes and accessories are a precious item for most people. This phenomenon has increased general population’s interest in this type of clothing, which explains the exponential growth of thrift shops. But first, what is a thrift shop? It’s a place where you can buy all kinds of second-hand goods

The Dinner Table Scene

The dinner table scene is probably one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history. If you come to think of it, most of our cherished childhood movies, binge-watched series or all-time favourites contain this scene. This is not pure coincidence, for it’s a perfect way to get to know the characters and how they

Myths on vegetarinism

Over the years, vegetarianism has spread all over the world, particularly the Western world. It is safe to say that the expansion of this trend is largely due to the pivotal role social media plays in our day-to-day lives. The problem with social media is that we absorb a great deal of bitesize information which

E-BUDDY SYSTEM : The Human Resources Association’s Star Project

Anna Carretero, the president of the Human Resources Association (HRA) gives Transpose Magazine the opportunity to learn more about one of their most successful projects: The E-Buddy System. (SUBTITLE ) Hi Anna, thanks for coming here and giving us the chance to interview you. It’s my pleasure! Thanks for giving us this interview. I love

How to stop buying unnecessary things

Nowadays, people often become victims of consumerism. The onset may be different, but the result is always the same: we are always surprised at what we have just bought. The tendency for impulsive purchases is inherent in all without exceptions, although in varying degrees. To fight this disease is difficult, but still possible. Here are

How to plan your day when you have anxiety

Anxiety can strike when you least expect it. Everyone’s experience with anxiety is different, it can grip you as soon as you wake up or it can strike at an unexpected moment. It can be something you live with for years or something that happens all of a sudden. My own experience with anxiety is