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4 cities you must visit when in Europe, a guide through the eyes of a local

From beautiful Spain, to ruin bars in Budapest, to festivals, to the beaches of Ibiza, the culture of Istanbul, to the markets in Berlin and more, there’s so much to see in Europe that you won’t have any problem filling your time…

Spain’s magical island is mostly known for its unrivalled party scene, boho boutiques and stunning beaches, but there is so much more to Ibiza than meets the eye. If you want to laugh until you cry and dance until your feet burn, Ibiza is the place for you to visit. However, it would be a crime not spend at least one whole day beach hopping and exploring the beautiful nature the island gives home to. Two hidden paradises only locals know about are Atlantis and La cueva de la Luz (The cave of light) – two natural pools on a mountain side with crystal clear water. Both are accessible by boat or after a short hike through the mountains. When in Ibiza, we cannot forget about the delicious food surrounding us. In Dalt Vila you will find the best restaurants of the island, such as La torreta. If you are looking for a more popping place, the tapas bar Can Terra in the city center is made for you. It doesn’t matter which day or what time you visit, it is always going to be crowded – however, it is more than worth a little bit of wait. Last but not least, while visiting the white island, don’t miss out on the local boho shops and the markets, especially Las Dalias. Here you definitely will find some gems, just like the island itself.

The heart of eastern Europe, made up of two cities, Buda and Pest are divided by the majestic River Danube. Although both sides are now joined by a number of spectacular bridges, they are two very different places, each with a unique character, different lifestyles, and each offering plenty to keep you busy. First of all, bathing is a major pastime for locals as well as for tourists in Budapest, and there are plenty of baths to choose from. The most famous one is Széchenyi, in a sprawling neo-baroque building that’s home to indoor and outdoor pools as well as saunas and everything relaxing you can imagine. Looking down at the city you can spot every sight possible, including the precious Parliament and Basilika, which are worth the visit. After relaxing and sightseeing, there is not a better plan than enjoying the nightlife in the 5th district. Every little street hides either a ruin bar, such as Vicky Barcelona or Spíler, or a rumbling local, which you definitely don’t want to miss out.

When recommending cities to visit, the one I personally never leave out is Istanbul. A deep and powerful place, about what you cannot feel indifferent. A lot of people go to Istanbul, but they never really see what the true Bosphorus is like. The best way to explore it all is by starting in Ortaköy, heading down to the water (Bebek) and then towards Arnavutköy, which is considered to be one of the prettiest neighborhoods of Istanbul. Just keep walking and you will know when you are where you need to be. Besides all the mosques and sights, it is a must to visit the overwhelming Grand Bazaar. Spending an afternoon in the market is more than easy with its endless shops and cafes. When considering a relaxing night, the top recommendation is a rooftop hookah restaurant called Giriftar Süleymaniye. At this place, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Bosphorus, the food and the welcoming Turkish locals. As their culture is very respectful and loving, do not be afraid of getting lost in the backstreets of the city – this is how you will actually get to know this dazzling city.

The hip capital of Germany has world-class museums, funky neighborhoods, history, and one of the best nightlife in Europe. When planning the trip, choose to stay at the Hotel Radisson Blu, which has the world’s biggest free standing aquarium – this way your holiday will be spectacular from the first moment. Starting off right and shopping on one of the most famous avenues of Berlin is never a bad idea. The avenue Kufürstendamm, or as the locals call it „Kudamm” gives home to all the world-wide known designer shops. When strolling around Kudamm we can spot a lot of vintage markets on the way, which are always worth a look – treasures can always be found. As Berlin is very well known for its parties, you cannot miss this experience either. Walking in the city center you will find parties after parties, but if you are more interested in partying with locals, go to a rooftop such as The Pearl or Peristal Signum – these will never disappoint. When in Berlin, you cannot forget about the Spreepark and the Zoo, which both offer a lot of things to have fun with.

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